How mortgage brokers can get the right work-life balance

The career of a mortgage broker is one that’s defined by freedom. Because you’re not being paid by the hour – but instead by how many loans you can settle – the income that you make is not directly tied to how long you spend working. It’s therefore a career that has the potential for excellent work-life balance, as you get to choose how to spend your time to get you to your business goals. Here’s how a solid work-life balance can be achieved when you become a mortgage broker.

You can set your own hours

The great thing about the way mortgage brokers are paid is that it doesn’t matter how long they work – what ultimately matters for the size of their paycheck is how many loans they settle. What this translates to is an extraordinary flexibility in the time you choose to spend at or on your job. You can set your work-day up to fit around your schedule and, if necessary, work remotely.

Setting limits on your phone time

The wonder of modern technology means you can be accessible at almost any time, any place. This can be both a blessing and a curse; it’s the thing that allows you to work remotely and therefore flexibly, but unless you put limits on it, you’ll find yourself fielding calls and emails at all sorts of hours. To get the best of both worlds, you can inform your clients of the hours you’ll be available to contact.

In the beginning, this might be a difficult thing to do, as you’re in the process of building up your client base, but once you’re set up you’ll have a little more leeway in choosing when you’re contactable.

Building a solid client base

Leading on from the previous point, a solid client base works wonders for your work-life balance. As well as being more understanding of your contact hours, having a closer professional relationship means that they’ll be happier to work in with your schedule because you provide them with value they’d struggle to get elsewhere. A good client base also gives a little more predictability to your work – it’s likely that you’ll have a better idea of the kinds of things your clients like, and when they’ll be looking for them, as opposed to a random new client.

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