Specialist Lending

A real alternative supporting Australians who don’t fit a computerized credit score.

What is Specialist Lending?

We take a common sense approach to each loan.Australian market size for specialist lending

Specialist lending is a segment of the mortgage market dedicated to providing alternative finance solutions for borrowers who are unable to meet the lending criteria set by the banks and mortgage insurers.

Specialist lending represents around $1.5bn – $2bn per year of all mortgage lending in the Australian market. Specialist lending is about looking at the overall picture of an application rather than taking a tick the box approach.

There are numerous reasons why a borrower may fall into the specialist category and there is no single characteristic that pigeonholes every specialist borrower together.

Our refreshingly different specialist mortgage broking franchise model opens up an exceptional opportunity to help a growing market of Australia who don’t fit a computerised credit score.

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Borrowers who need specialist finance solutions

Doesn’t fit traditional lenders

  • Failed to meet LMI
  • Failed to pass credit scoring
  • Previously been declined
  • New Australian permanent residents

Needs flexible options

  • Multiple debts to consolidate
  • Needs to payout tax/business debts
  • Cash out needed for business purposes
  • Refinance of private/solicitor finance

Impaired credit history

  • Discharged bankrupts
  • Late payments or arrears
  • Defaults, judgments or writ
  • Part IX & X debt agreements

Can’t provide traditional documentation

  • Self employed < 2yrs
  • ABN registered 12 months
  • Income from casual employment
  • Income from family payments

Unique Benefits


Higher Loan Margins

Our specialist lending products provide you with the benefit of higher loan margins than traditional mortgage brokers through additional fee income.

Loan Enquiries

As a franchise partner, benefit from head office loan enquiries from national marketing campaigns.

Low Overheads

Your specialist mortgage broking business can operate on a low ongoing overhead, you can work from home or an office depending on your preference.

Strong Economic Outlook

With the onset of additional regulation in the banking sector and the implementation of new positive credit reporting changes demand for specialist lending solutions has never been greater.