Processing Times

One of the most common questions asked is ‘How long with it take to get an approval?” The answer depends on a number of factors.

A summary of the loan application process is outlined below along with estimated time frames. Processing times can vary at certain times of the year (Christmas etc) and depending on individual file types and loan complexity processing times can be longer. Providing all requested documents at each stage of the process greatly assist faster processing times.

Estimated Time Frame
Initial Contact/Pre-Assessment 1-2 business days after initial discussion and issue of indicative finance offer. Time frames can vary if further information is required (e.g credit report or loan statements etc).
Conditional Approval
2-3 business days, after receipt of ALL required documents including fully completed application form and supporting documents.
Valuation Report
Usually 2-3 business days depending on ease of access and complexity. (subject to valuation firm service levels)
Formal Approval
3-4 business days after receipt of satisfactory valuation report, provided there are no outstanding loan conditions (as per conditional approval advice)
Loan Documents Issued
3 business days, after issue of formal approval (subject to solicitor service levels)
SettlementTitle certification and settlement booking can be made usually within 2-3 business days of receipt of correctly completed loan documents. Settlement time frames will vary depending on individual files and discharging mortgagee (if a refinance).


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Bill G, QLD