Low Doc Loans

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Low Doc Loans

Our flexible low doc loan solutions are highly popular with self-employed Australians seeking a simpler, cost-effective mortgage loan without all the paperwork.

If you’re self-employed and your looking for fast, flexible mortgage finance a low document loan could be suitable for you.

We are specialists in low doc lending and have assisted thousands of self-employed Australians with our market leading low doc loan products. Our range of low doc loans are a simplified mortgage loan for self-employed borrowers who have an income and assets but are unable to provide the required financial statements or tax returns to verify their current income.

If you’re a busy self-employed business person with complex financial affairs one of our simplified low doc loan products may be a more advantageous way to secure the finance you need.

Our highly flexible low doc loans simply require you to ‘self-certify’ your income derived from your self-employed activities. This is commonly known as a self-employed ‘income declaration’ or ‘low doc declaration’ similar to a statutory declaration which states the income you have derived from your business activities.

To verify consistency with your ‘self-certified’ income you have the choice of providing a preferred supporting document which may include ONE or TWO of the following documents;

  • a letter from your accountant
  • a business bank statement
  • a business activity statement (BAS)

Our low doc loan product suite can accommodate a wide range of purposes including purchase, refinance, debt consolidation and equity release. We will also accept suitable residential and commercial real estate as security.

Talk to one of our specialist lending managers today about the best low doc loan option for your unique circumstance.

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Low Doc Products

Note: All applications are subject to normal credit assessment and loan suitability criteria. Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. Minimum loan advance is $250,000.

Low Doc Loan Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of our popular low doc loan products.

  • No credit scoring
  • No mortgage Insurance
  • Adverse credit considered
  • Residential & commercial security
  • ABNs from 6 months
  • No tax returns required
  • Flexible cash out options
  • Rental income acceptable
  • Company & trust borrowers
  • Payout of business/tax debts
  • Less paperwork & simplier process
  • Choice of 3 supporting documents
  • Individually tailored solutions
  • Qualified & experienced lending managers
  • Competitive rates and flexible products
  • Lending Australia wide

Qualifying for a Low Doc Loan


Must be self-employed with ABN and operating a business.


Minimum ABN tenure 6 months, GST registered if  > $75,000 pa.


A good relationship with your accountant helps.

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Low Doc Loan FAQs

Our low doc loans are assessed on the overall strength and consistency of the application. Your eligibility for the loan will be based on your self-employed tenure, your credit history, your self certified income and supporting documents as well as your equity/contribution to the transaction.

Typically, if you are an equal shareholder in the business we can accommodate you. However, if this is not the case and the director is also on the application, we would suggest that they declare an income that accounts for the income of both parties.

Yes, you would be eligible for a low doc loan provided your business meets the policy guidelines. If you wish to utilise the income from your PAYG position in a low document application, we would require income verification for the PAYG income i.e. 2-3 recent payslips and your most recent group certificate.

We can certainly discuss with you the particulars of your business and finance needs in order to determine if we are able to assist. Typically we can accommodate a low doc loan where we have evidence to demonstrate that you have been self employed for a longer period of time than your current ABN indicates. i.e. ABN tenure history via multiple ABNs.

In this instance, we would require a letter of explanation surrounding the circumstances that led to the administration. We may also require a letter from the administrators confirming that there is no further liability to you personally as a director of the company.

Yes, you may still qualify as you have the option of supporting your self declaration of income with business bank statements.

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