Bad Credit Home Loans

Credit impaired, Non standard income. Historical debt? Life happens.

Bad Credit Home Loans

Our market-leading selection of bad credit home loans are individually tailored to assist borrowers that do not fit traditional lenders’ credit policies.

Our popular bad credit lending products can be specifically tailored to meet your unique credit history, circumstances and requirements. We can provide you with flexible access to cost-effective finance not possible with traditional lending institutions.

If your credit history is not ‘clear’ i.e. you have one or more credit defaults, judgments or bankruptcy history on your credit report, then one of our bad credit mortgage finance products could be suitable for you.

There are several credit impairments that may constitute an ‘adverse’ credit or ‘impaired’ credit history, more commonly known as a bad credit history. Adverse credit listings including; defaults, judgments, Part IX, Part X or discharged bankruptcy, or external company administration are all elements that contribute to what is commonly referred to as bad credit.

Unlike other mortgage providers, we specialise in assisting borrowers with a bad credit history which can vary from very minor credit impairments to bankruptcy.

Our range of specialist products are ideally suited if your seeking finance with bad credit for investment or owner-occupier purposes. We have helped hundreds of Australian borrowers obtain home and investment loans where other lenders have said ‘no’.

When searching for finance with adverse credit listings, our bad credit loan products and our specialist lending expertise, really can make all the difference.

Talk to one of our specialist lending managers today for an individual assessment and receive a personalised finance offer for your unique circumstances.

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Bad Credit Loan Features

Our highly popular bad credit loan products come with flexible features and competitive rates tailored to your unique situation and credit history.

  • Purchase up to 95%
  • Refinance up to 90%
  • Full doc and low doc options
  • Unlimited debt consolidation
  • All paid or unpaid defaults or judgments
  • Individuals, companies & trusts
  • No mortgage insurance
  • No credit scoring
  • Flexible cashout options
  • Discharged bankrupts
  • 100% offset options
  • Redraw access

Note: All applications are subject to normal credit assessment and loan suitability criteria. Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. Minimum loan advance is $250,000.

Bad Credit Home Loan Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of our popular bad credit mortgage products tailored to your unique situation and credit history.

  • Paid or unpaid defaults, judgments
  • No mortgage insurance
  • No credit scoring
  • Centrelink income acceptable
  • Discharged Bankrupts > 1 day
  • Part IX or Part X agreements
  • Flexible cash out options
  • Rental income acceptable
  • Declined by another lender
  • Payout of business/tax debts
  • Late payments considered
  • Bonus, commission and overtime income considered
  • Individually tailored solutions
  • Qualified & experienced lending managers
  • Competitive rates and flexible products
  • PAYG & self employed income options

Qualifying for a Bad Credit Home Loan


Active Income

Your income is from either PAYG or self-employment.


Credit Explanation

Can provide written explanation regarding your credit circumstances.



You have sufficient income and contribution or equity.

Are you eligible for a bad credit mortgage?

In addition to your income, eligibility for a bad credit mortgage also considers your contribution to, or existing equity in your security property. This determines the transactions loan to value ratio (LVR) and often has an influence on the interest rate.

Our bad credit mortgages are suitable for borrowers with a large range of issues from unpaid defaults to bankruptcy history.


Deposit/Equity – Generally, the greater your deposit or equity, the lower the risk of the transaction and therefore the more cost effective the finance.

If Purchasing – you will usually require a minimum deposit of 10% plus transaction costs (stamp duty, fees & charges)

If Refinancing – you will need at least 10% equity in your property.

Credit Score – Don’t be concerned about your credit score, our bad credit mortgages aren’t mortgage insured and we don’t credit score.

Interest Rates – What rate will I likely get? Generally the smaller the deposit or equity position you have, the higher the interest rate applicable.

Credit Report – You should always obtain your credit report before applying for finance and then book a consultation with one of our specialist lending managers.

Finance Offer – Our lending specialists can review your report and provide you with a personalised finance offer tailored to your unique situation.

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