3 careers that might need low doc loans

As the old saying goes, you should do what you love, and love what you do. However, sometimes following your chosen career path can make other aspects of life difficult, such as securing a home loan when you wish to buy a house.

While this happens to a lot of people, it isn’t the end of the world – Redrock is able to provide mortgage options for those whose chosen employment precludes them from typical loans.

But what careers can lead to needing a low documentation loan? Here are three that we can help out.


A cornerstone of any thriving community, many people choose to become self-employed tradespeople as their profession. Be it in plumbing, electrical or automobile maintenance, these careers will often be self-employed ones. Of course, this doesn’t mean they are at all incapable of paying off a home loan. With the right set of documentation and proof of business, a tradesperson can easily obtain a low documentation home loan.


Employment Research Australia estimate that about half of those who work in passenger and road freight on Australian roads are self-employed. If this applies to you, low-doc could be the way to go. By speaking to a broker, you can determine your financial situation and can have your ability to repay a loan assessed, and get a suitable mortgage product determined for you.


Whether you are a writer, designer or marketer, there are endless avenues for freelancers in Australia. The ability to work for multiple people means that it is an attractive option for anyone wanting consistent work in their specialist field. However, it can mean difficulty in procuring a loan.

No matter which avenue of work you choose, there are always ways of obtaining a mortgage for a home. Speak to a Redrock broker to find out how you can get on board.