Overcoming bad credit during the home loan process

Poor credit can make obtaining a home loan much more difficult, but that doesn’t mean gaining access to the finance you need is impossible. There are plentyof strategies you can use to make yourself more attractive to lenders.


The reason bad credit makes it harder to get a mortgage is because it shows lenders you might not be the best at repaying your financial obligations. However,if you can show lenders that they will be able to recoup their investment even if the loan should default, you will stand a much better chance of obtainingthe funds you need.

The best way to do this is to use collateral, which means securing the loan with assets you may own. While this could put your assets in danger of beingcollected by the lender if you’re unable to repay your loan, it will also help put lenders at ease.

Extenuating circumstances

Sometimes having a bad credit score is due to no fault of your own. For instance, if you had a history of always paying your bills on time but were suddenlyinvolved in an accident and unable to pay your bills from the hospital, explain this to the lender. There are such things as extenuating circumstances,and a detailed credit report will show whether late payments are a chronic problem or an isolated issue.

Special loans

There is also the option of taking out a special loan designed specifically for people with credit issues.

Bad credit home loans are suited for borrowers who might not qualify for a traditional mortgage from lenders with stringent creditpolicies. Best of all, borrowers can can still obtain competitive interest rates with bad credit mortgages.

If you’re looking into your bad credit home loan options, contact the specialists at Redrock.