What is credit repair?

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As the name implies, credit repair is all about fixing problems concerning your credit profile.

As anyone who has ever tried to take out a home loan with poor credit can attest to, a damaged credit history can make obtaining much-needed funds extremely difficult.

In fact, even one negative listing on your credit report can throw a wrench into your borrowing plans.

Redrock has deep knowledge in helping our clients deal with their impaired credit. Our experience in the financial sector and relationships with credit repair firms can be used to clean up your credit report and make borrowing a mortgage that much easier.

We have experience dealing with numerous credit issues, including:

•    Credit defaults
•    Court judgments
•    Clearouts
•    Overdue accounts
•    Crossed or linked files
•    Multiple identities
•    Incorrect or fraudulent credit entries

How does credit repair work?

The steps that must be taken to repair your credit will depend on your specific circumstances.

For instance, it can sometimes be as easy as fixing any inaccuracies on your credit report. Other issues, such as identity theft, might take more time and effort.

The important thing to remember is that working on your credit will have positive, far-reaching effects for your financial life.

Can I get a home loan with bad credit?

While good credit will make obtaining a mortgage that much easier, bad credit doesn’t necessarily mean you’re precluded from taking out a loan.

In fact, products like bad credit loans are specifically designed for borrowers with less than perfect credit histories.

Whether you’re interested in repairing your credit or exploring your options regarding bad credit home loans, it’s important to work with trustworthy, qualified people.

Speak to the experts at Redrock to determine if credit repair services or a bad credit home loan is the right choice for you.