Mortgage Broker Mentoring

What is mentoring?

Mortgage Broker Mentoring

New entrants to the mortgage broking industry with less than 2 years relevant finance & mortgage lending industry experience are required to have mentor.

Industry bodies such as the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) require that an applicant with less than 2 years proven experience in finance/mortgage broking or lending (over the past five years), be nominated for membership by another member (or member’s representative) who undertakes to mentor (or ensure the mentoring of) the applicant (mentee) until they have had at least 2 years’ experience in their chosen field of broking or finance.

How do I obtain a mentor?

Simple!  – New to industry members automatically qualify for mentoring when they join Red Rock Brokers Group. Membership ensures that your professional career will be guided by skilled and experienced industry professionals who have been highly successful in the industry.

As a member you will benefit from broker mentoring support and tools including;

  • Market leading compliance & auditing systems
  • Comprehensive induction training & reference manuals
  • Continuing professional development compliance and training
  • Assistance with obtaining panel lender accreditations
  • Checking and validation of your loan applications prior to lender submission
  • Ongoing phone and email access to highly experienced lending managers
  • Loan scenario assistance and advice, including loan packaging
  • Downloadable toolkits, templates and forms for compliance and marketing
  • Monthly professional development days in each state
  • Webinars, training and continuing professional development tools and information

ALL are provided with membership to Red Rock Brokers Group.

Does mentoring cost?

NO, once you join Red Rock Brokers Group you have access mortgage broker mentoring, and support tools, compliance systems and ongoing training at no extra charge!

Is mentoring compulsory?

Mentoring and support services are built into our membership platform however mentoring is not a legislative requirement under NCCP for Credit Representatives.  Industry bodies however, such as FBAA and MFAA have imposed their own mentoring requirements for new members. We believe the availability of resources and support is crucial in ensuring our members remain compliant and successful.

Our approach to mentoring

With more than 15 years mortgage finance industry experience, the team at Red Rock provide you new to industry entrants with all the tools and the knowledge they need to be successful as a mortgage broker.

All our member brokers also gain invaluable knowledge and skills on specific topic areas at our professional development training days and webinar training event series.