Broker Reviews

I only have positive things to say about Red Rock. Compared to other options we explored Red Rock’s model offered the least financial outlay. Others we approached all insisted that we have a mentor who was going to charge us >$15,000 for their services! Now that we have actually submitted a few deals, I’ve found Red Rock staff quick to help with any queries we have had. Interestingly, another financial planner I know started the mortgage broking process around one month prior to me and he is still jumping through hoops with his aggregator.

Ben G, NSW

I’m very happy with my experience with Red Rock, the process was very straight forward and I like the fact that we’re able to be independent but also have the support when needed such as dealing with tricky applications.

Jamie P, WA

As a principal of an accounting firm, I have clients needing finance all the time, I have referred my clients to other brokers without getting anything and clients did not get serviced properly. Joining Red Rock made sense to me. The application process was smooth and very efficient, Red Rock staff always responds very quickly. I finished the application process within a month from Certificate IV. A big thank you and look forward to a mutual beneficial relationship.

Yuan G, NSW

I have spent many hours researching options and after reading your information pack, Red Rock Brokers Group offer is the most attractive, when you compare them to Mortgage Choice, Aussie & Rams franchise offers.

Chris S, QLD

We found the team at Red Rock to be highly professional, courteous and always available to assist with any concerns we had whilst developing our credit/loan business.

Steven D, VIC

From the outset Red Rock were proactive in charting and facilitating the application process and path to becoming a finance broker. They offered the complete package, with assistance and advice at all stages, responding and answering any queries and concerns in a timely manner. The tyro broker has many bridges to cross. I would strongly recommend they cross these bridges with Red Rock.

Callum S, VIC

When I decided to become a mortgage broker, I chose to join Red Rock Group due to its low membership fees, no mentoring fees, and the flexibility to operate under my own brand. However, I soon realised that there were plenty of things to be done in terms of certifications, memberships, and accreditation's, and I am very pleased with how thorough and efficient the operations team of Red Rock Group were in helping me accomplish all of these. Now that I am focusing on growing my business, my mentor is amazing in sharing her knowledge and experiences with me as I deal with clients and plan my marketing strategies.

Belinda B, VIC

Just emailing you to let you know how happy I am with your customer service, your patience, perseverance to help is outstanding, you go above and beyond. Since I have started with Red Rock Brokers, you have welcomed me with grace, kindness, just being real about helping me get started

Hugo R, NSW

Joining Red Rock Group has not only been a smart move for my business but a pleasure. The team at Red Rock are incredibly efficient, accessible and personable. I have been really surprised by the amount of support I have received in setting up my business. Put simply, I could not have asked for any more.

Andrew D, VIC

I have now been using Red Rock Group services for number of years and would like to express my sincere thank you for supporting my business in a professional and ethical way. Your team is extremely responsive and knowledgeable and make my job easier and more efficient. The knowledge base of Red Rock Group operators is comprehensive and the training seminars informative and excellent value. The attention and care given to every case is exceptional and makes me feel part of the Red Rock Group Family!

Zdenko S, VIC

The entire team at Red Rock Group are absolutely dedicated and efficient in delivering a high standard of quality service to all member brokers. From inception to finish the team strived to guide me via a properly documented and informative, step by step process, ensuring a smooth transition into my independent mortgage broking business. I am extremely delighted to be affiliated with Red Rock moving forward into the lucrative mortgage broking industry and I highly recommend new entrants to explore and experience one of Red Rocks unique information sessions. You will be tremendously inspired by the efficiency of the business network relationship established with Red Rock.

Vimal S, NSW

I’ve been a member of Red Rock Group for almost two years now. Their operations team is amazing. They were able to guide me through all the things I needed to setup for my business, and they assist with any queries I have on an ongoing basis. I get support in structuring deals and getting advise with loans I work on, plus they have a structured compliance program that is valuable in this type of industry.

Belinda B, NSW

I decided to join the Red Rock Group because of the excellent reputation and the choice of packages available, the whole process from my first phone call to becoming a full member was seamless in the way everything was handled and if I ever needed help it was only a phone call away, from doing my cert 4 right through to writing my first loan, and the marketing and mentoring is fantastic and anyone wanting to get into the mortgage business, getting on board with Red Rock is the smartest decision you will ever make.

David F, VIC

Joined Red Rock after previous experience with a different aggregator. In comparison Red Rock is definitely more cost effective with upfront fee and flexible ongoing fee structure suitable to your business. The ongoing training provided is sufficient to various level of financial skills and experience. The cost in comparison with other aggregators is much lower.

Helen L, VIC

I have joined Red Rock over 4 years ago. Have been very happy with the service, level of support and mentoring provided over the years. Very professional organisation of high quality standard and very responsive and supportive staff. Highly recommend Red Rock Group to anyone entering the broking industry.

Alex P, VIC