3 apps that can make mortgage brokers more productive

Sometime during your mortgage broker career, you’re bound to find that your productivity has begun to slip. The stress has built and built, and your excellent time management practices have gone out the window. In these moments, it can feel like all your hard work is in danger of being for nought, as you just can’t seem to catch up. What you need to do is give yourself a fresh start, rethink how you do things, and integrate some new practices and tools into your routine.


The Pomodoro method is a technique for time management whereby work is split into 25 minute blocks, with each punctuated by a short break. After four 25 minute period blocks have passed, a longer break is taken.

It was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 80s to help him battle procrastination and distraction in college. The idea is that it’s easy to tell yourself you only need to concentrate hard for 25 minutes, instead of being daunted by a whole day’s effort.

Numerous free apps are available, but one we like is PomoDone. With a simple and clean interface, PomeDone will allow you to follow the Pomodoro method with ease.


Part of a good productivity strategy is managing distractions. Sometimes the worst distraction is getting stuck in an online article loop, where you read one piece and then find a link to another, then another, then another. Suddenly you find yourself reading about Egyptian hieroglyphs, 40 minutes later, when you only started out trying to read up on some community news.

Pocket is an excellent solution for this problem. Anything interesting you find can be saved and read or watched later. If it’s truly important you’ll go back to it, but often you may find you were only interested in that content as a distraction.


Social media is notorious as a black hole for a productive day. Although you may be using it for work purposes, sometimes just being on the sites themselves can be temptation enough to start browsing.

Buffer is an app that allows you to have all your social media profiles connected to one platform. Posts can be scheduled from within Buffer, meaning you won’t have an excuse to be on Facebook or Twitter in the first place.

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