3 traits your mortgage broker business’ brand must have

A great deal of the client leads you’ll earn as a mortgage broker will rely on the brand you’ve managed to build for your business. If you’re looking to become a mortgage broker, it’s especially important to get this right off the bat.

Here are three key traits your mortgage broker business branding needs to have.

A focus on customer-needs first

Your marketing efforts need to communicate that you always put the client first. Someone putting their mortgage loan in your hands needs to trust that you’re a broker who will prioritise their needs. This is because a mortgage broker’s brand is in many ways a personal brand; it’s about you, your skills and how they can benefit the client. Dealing with customers effectively can help your brand grow via word of mouth.

Remember, mortgage brokers are paid by the lender – and your clients know this – so you need to make it clear straight away that your focus is always on the your client and not simply getting the largest loan possible for the sake of your own wallet.

Shows your experience

Potential clients believe that a commercial mortgage broker with ample industry experience is more likely to provide a lot of value. If you’re just starting out, showcasing your experience is obviously more difficult to do, but it’s something you should be conscious of from the beginning so you can build evidence over time. For example, collect testimonials from your clients – once you’ve been operating for some time, you can put them in your marketing materials.

Demonstrates market knowledge

Borrowers come to mortgage brokers because they often don’t have the necessary knowledge to find the best kind of mortgage for their financial situation, negotiate the terms or access specialist lenders. This means that potential customers are always going to be looking for brokers that are knowledgeable and up-to-date with all the current market trends.

You can demonstrate this knowledge with updates on social media talking about the state of the property market or writing articles on your website’s blog. Both activities enhance your brand by signalling you as an expert. When a big part of the value you provide depends on the specialist knowledge you have, you need to be seen as having plenty of it in potential customer’s eyes.

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