5 tips on upskilling in your mortgage broker career

A mortgage broking business needs employees who can turn their hand to dealing with anything that may arise. Your customers will receive improved service if staff are able to communicate effectively, as well as perform the task they are employed to do. Workers who feel they are skilled and valuable are likely to see increased productivity and morale – especially if their new skills qualify them for promotion.

How do you go about upskilling yourself or your employees? 

Top tips for mortgage broker career upskilling 

Whether you’re new in the industry or have been in mortgage broking for a while, the paths to upskilling are more or less the same: 

1. Volunteer: A quick way to gain experience outside of your day-to-day work is to move out of your comfort zone. By volunteering for a different type of organisation, you’ll learn to adapt to new approaches and working styles. Being flexible can help you work effectively with colleagues and increase productivity. 

2. Network with other brokers in the franchise: Networking with others in the mortgage broking industry allows you to establish areas in which to increase your knowledge, such as financial planning or real estate. You may find someone in your network can offer you training. 

3. Assist colleagues or mentors: If you work in a team of mortgage brokers, perhaps a colleague has experience in an area you don’t. If that’s the case, ask if you can help them out for a while to expand your knowledge. If you can’t do this in-house, reach out to mentors and ask them if there is something with which you can lend a hand. 

4. Make use of online training opportunities: It’s not necessary to take days out of the office to develop new skills. There are a wide selection of training programs online which can be accessed when it fits with your schedule. Make sure to allocate time for learning so it doesn’t fall off the radar.

5. Keep up with technology: As a mortgage broker, you need to be comfortable navigating the software your company uses to access lenders. Consider also if there’s a benefit to learning the latest social media or how to update the company website. Finding potential clients is important and lots of marketing efforts now take place online. Keeping up with technology is key in marketing your business. 

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