Get organised: How to streamline your mortgage broker business

Thomas Edison famously said that “there is no substitute for hard work.” As a mortgage broker busy providing your clients with value, you’ll know this better than most. But as a professional that deals with leverage, you also know that the effects of one’s efforts can always be amplified. 

In the case of running your business, your internal processes can always be improved to enhance your efficiency and productivity. Boost the results of your hard work by following these tips to streamline your mortgage broker business.

Consider the cloud

Moving some of your processes into the cloud and eliminating unnecessary paper from your office is a high-tech way of increasing your efficiency. A hybrid approach can often work best, using internal servers as well as public services like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. When information in a business flows quickly and freely, kinks in processes can sometimes iron themselves out.

Improve communications

As a mortgage broker, you know that effective communication is a key part of what makes you successful. This notion, however, is not limited to your dealings with clients. Making sure communication between co-workers is clear and functional is an easy first step to eliminate potential bottlenecks in your internal processes.

Know and understand your processes

Often, the first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging it exists. The only way you can know of the problem areas in the way you run your business is if you know your processes inside out. It can be helpful to keep these four steps in mind when thinking about how to streamline your internal processes:

1. Identify: What are the processes that cause the most headaches?

2. Break it down: Which parts of the processes are broken? What are the specific problem areas, the rough spots and sticking points?

3. Repair or Replace: Can these problem areas be fixed? Will a simple modification make them functional? Or will it be easier to find a new way to do that part of the process?

4. Reconstruct: Do all your processes work together with the newly repaired parts? Do the changed pieces cause new problems in other places?

When you do it right, streamlining your mortgage broker business can make a world of difference to your productivity. The team at Redrock is ready to assist you on your journey – get in touch with us today.