How to reinforce your mortgage broker business’ brand

Starting a career as a mortgage broker can be a strong learning curve. One of the most important parts of your marketing to get right is the branding – how do you communicate the right message to the people that could benefit from your services?

Why is branding vital for mortgage brokers?

Arguably the most important part of a mortgage broker’s branding is about trust. Think about it – people are paying you to help them make one of the largest financial decisions of their life. They have to trust that you can get the job done, as they could be paying off the loan you broker for the next 40 years.

You also need to develop your brand into one that people can trust – not because your advertisements say you’re trustworthy, but because people hear positively from others that have used your services.

How do you develop a mortgage broker brand?

One of the first elements is to define what it is your brand represents – what is the thing you want it to communicate to potential customers? This is vital to understand, as it will help you define not only your message, but how best to communicate it too.

Loud and gaudy ads that scream about your value are liable to put off those who want quality and a considered approach from their broker; likewise more esoteric marketing that might strike people as pretentious or unnecessarily complex. Either is fine, but make sure you’re talking to the audience you want to attract.

Making your branding stick

With over 70 per cent of Australians associating online ads with fake news, according to Digiday, it’s more important than ever that your branding efforts don’t alienate your potential audience. Too heavy handed an approach and you risk communicating the opposite message than your ads intend.

A good way to do this is to focus positive feedback from customers and use that to build trust in your services. For example, you can have prominent space on your website for customer testimonials, or encourage those that are happy with your services to rate you on social media or Google.

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