Mortgage broker confidence breaking through

As an economic downturn starts to have some minor effects on industries like the resources sector, people may perhaps turn to other investment and career options – including becoming a mortgage broker.

Although resource economies continue to lead the way on a national scale, their growth has slowed while there has been a speeding up of growth in areas such as the real estate market. The latest quarterly CommSec State of the States report showed that residential construction is going through an excellent period of positivity. This could be reflected in the higher numbers for home financing in 2014.

With this strength on full display in the property market, it stands to reason that the industry providing finance for this construction and purchase of homes would be performing strongly too.

According to new work from the National Australia Bank (NAB), property and finance services have the best business outlook for the coming months – a great sign for anyone interested in the mortgage brokering industry.

In its Quarterly Business Survey for September this year, NAB noted that investment, especially from overseas, has buoyed the construction sector’s confidence, while mining and retail have been particularly weak.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ home financing figures for August this year back up the idea that this construction boost has also seen a rise in people and businesses borrowing for property – a sure sign that mortgage brokers are in high demand.

With the report also indicating that employment is getting easier to obtain and is having better long-term prospects, now could be an excellent time to seek out a new career path. By engaging Redrock, you’ll form a part of one of the most confident industries in the country, and be a vital part of the thriving home financing industry.