Information Video

Watch our information video and discover more about specialist mortgage broking.

Information Video

Discover Specialist Broking

In this video, you will learn:

  • Why borrower demand for specialist lending is greater than ever before.
  • How Red Rock franchise partners earn significantly more than their industry peers.
  • Learn how our strong point of difference becomes your unique selling point.

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Unique Benefits


Higher Loan Margins

Our specialist lending products provide you with the benefit of higher loan margins than traditional mortgage brokers through additional fee income.

Loan Enquiries

As a franchise partner, benefit from head office loan enquiries from national marketing campaigns.

Low Overheads

Your specialist mortgage broking business can operate on a low ongoing overhead, you can work from home or an office depending on your preference.

Strong Economic Outlook

With the onset of additional regulation in the banking sector and the implementation of new positive credit reporting changes demand for specialist lending solutions has never been greater.